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Home of the Brave


This blog has been constantly on my mind the past few weeks — every time something cool happened, I’d be like, “OMG! I totally have to write about this,” but then when I don’t get the chance to blog about it right away, so much stuff happens that it accumulates and I can’t fathom the prospect of blogging about it all at once and then MORE TIME PASSES AND MORE STUFF HAPPENS and I just dig a deeper hole for myself, so here I am, jumping the gun, with the world’s longest opening run-on sentence for your viewing pleasure. Continue Reading…

My Life

Step into my office, no trend topic.

my desk

Some may think it’s corny that the pics I use are all straight from my phone, smothered with filters from about three different apps, and often from my Snapchat. I happen to think it’s pretty organic and genuine to the lived experience, in true time at that. I’m pretty into organic things these days. I’ve been cooking up a storm lately in a preemptive attempt to live a healthy and affordable lifestyle in — what I just discovered today — is the most expensive city in America. It ain’t easy ballin’ on a budget. Continue Reading…

My Life

I’m in the 202.

the first fortune cookie

I’m officially a DC resident! The past few days have been so busy, from my graduation/going away dinner earlier this week to final goodbyes at Rutgers to finally moving in yesterday and exploring my surroundings today. A lot has happened so I want to try to jot down the things that stood out the most. I honestly just want to get this down while I have the chance before something comes up and I have to roll it all over for the next day again! Continue Reading…

My Itinerary

Arise and Shine

arise makeup

I need to get more used to taking pictures when I’m out and about that aren’t just selfies…

Here’s Arise TV‘s makeup room, which I apparently found more pertinent to take a picture of than the (beautiful) studio itself. It’s no secret that I get excited about makeup.

I was at Arise yesterday to give a live interview about Farzana Parveen’s horrific honor killing in Pakistan. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should commit to the invitation because I had a speaking engagement back in New Jersey that night that I needed to prepare for. But, Sami told me that if I had the chance to tell people that honor killings had nothing to do with Islam like they’re so wildly portrayed to be by the media, then it was my responsibility to take it. Continue Reading…

My Life

She’s a beast, I call her Karma.


On this holy day of Friday, I took an anxious (but excited… always excited) step forward in this new chapter for me. I received the formal written letter of my job offer, I signed the lease on my new apartment, AND! I adopted a new kitten. When I was a little girl, I remember wanting a calico kitten with all my heart and spending hours of my life admiring them at our nearby pet shelter. Now that I’m getting a place of my own, I’m finally fulfilling that wish for myself — among many other wishes that I’ve been blessed with. Continue Reading…

My Itinerary

And the whirlwind continues.

photo (1)

Yesterday, I was literally in the middle of purchasing this website (seriously: I was in the GoDaddy checkout cart) when I was suddenly contacted about doing a live interview on CNN about student activism (re: Condoleezza Rice) within the HOUR. All of my clothes were packed for my move to Washington, D.C. next week, so I ran to my room, dumped everything out just to find the one business blazer that I own and put together some type of TV-appropriate outfit before I ran out the door to a quick meeting I had to get to before heading to New York. That was a run-on sentence and for good reason. Continue Reading…